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Unique Just for You and Your Event

ICE MAGIC Can Create Anything for Your Needs. 

From Your Artwork or Our Imagination



  • Ice Bars, Luges & Ice Fountains

  • Corporate Logos with Color or without

  • Holidays Ice Features – Centerpieces, Liquor Displays

  • Wedding Features and Centerpieces

  • Venue Food Displays  - Seafood / Caviar/ Sushi – 3D Buffets

  • Liquor Displays -  Bloody Mary Bars, Margarita Stations  Shot Glass Displays  & Champagne Stations

  • Ice Portraits of Loved Ones and Famous People

  • Specialty Items – ice shot glasses,  sorbets servers, desert dishes, entrée plates and unique individual  pieces such as ice vases, bottle holders & 2x2 ice cubes.


Let Us Send You A Short PDF Presentation of Our Work.



Ice Bars & Luges


There are unlimited designs/themes and styles for ice bars.  Ice bars are just what the phrase says ... full standing bars from the ground up uniquely sculpted from Ice (usually 42-44" high).  The size will depend on multiple factors to consider, such number of guests, whether there are other bars servicing guests, and just what you want to serve from the bar.  This will help you determine the size. Our most popular size is roughly 8ft long.  SEE EXAMPLES HERE.


Ice Luges can be added as a feature.  They are used to serve chilled liquor or alcoholic beverages, such as; Champagne Ice Luges, Martini Ice Luges, Schnapps, and Vodka Ice Luges.  These are always an attention getter at corporate events, conventions, special occasions, weddings, rehearsal dinners, receptions, parties, theme parties and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs.  We design all Ice Luges from crystal clear ice.  Ice Sculpture or Drink Luges add an elegant, finishing touch to the decoration for any special event or party.  Ice Luges are appropriate for serving any beverage you wish to chill depending upon the occasion.  


Compliment the Drinks Luge with our unique Ice Shot glasses.  Imagine your guests enjoying vodka ice shots taken through a crystal clear luge!


We can create a unique luge just for your event, or you may want to choose from our many popular designs.   As an addition, add your corporate logo.  Remember, we can take your creative ideas for Champagne, Martini, Vodka, Schnapps, or any beverage and turn them into a memorable design that will enhance your decorations. 

Corporate Logos


Your company Logo displayed in an Ice Sculpture is one of the best ways to make an   unforgettable statement  at your next function .  We offer a vast library of designs you can choose from to incorporate your logo, or we can create a one of a kind design just for you.  We know the importance of having your Logo represented in exactly the way you want .  SEE EXAMPLES HERE.


With all contracts,  Ice Magic will provide you with a detailed rendering for you to ensure the design, size, logo, color is to your specifications . Due to the complexity and uniqueness  of logos , Ice Magic has perfected multiple methods of featuring your particular logo to the best light .  Your logo, and how you envision it being displayed, will help us determine which application to use.  Here are some of the possibilities.


Logo Options:

Snow filled / laminated inserts / color filled /3-dimensional

other important considerations


  • the placement of sculpture in the room

  • one sided or double sided

  • size of room and  group


 If you're looking for something unique and memorable for your next function, Ice Magic centerpieces add a dramatic touch to your dining experience.  We have a wide array of themed designs or can create a custom centerpiece with your logo or party theme .  SEE EXAMPLES HERE.


Some examples include incorporating your Logo/ cool candle holders/ golf theme /palm trees/vases and just about any theme you want.  When you choose  Ice Magic for your next table centerpiece ,we supply a 3"H x 12"round  mirror wrapped bowl  which elevates your sculpture in center of table.  We also also include up lighting in a choice of colors.  Centerpiece sizes are roughly 8"wide x12" high  with the bowl 15" high.


It’s the new thing:  iceware.  Our iceware speaks luxury and opulence.  What’s awesome is they are affordable for every event.  Ice Magic ice carvings can be Sorbet Dishes, Shot Glasses, Beer Mugs, Salad Plates, Ice Cream Bowls or anything else ice you desire.  We design these ice art pieces for functionality and beauty. Our elegant sculptures can complement ice centerpieces and ice bars, as well as many other ice carvings custom designed for your corporate events, wedding receptions, holiday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, or other special occasions.  Your iceware will provide unforgettable memories for many years to come.  SEE EXAMPLES HERE.


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