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Our Set-Up and Breakdown Policy


Delivery is almost always included in your purchase of full-size ice sculptures.

Breakdown and removal Please call for Pricing.  760-347-3529


Each Client is required to supply:


  • Banquet or other sturdy table  (depending on size of sculpture)  skirted or draped  preferred to cover drain hose and drain bucket

  • Power cord run to table if we are lighting it

  • A  large bucket of at least 5 gal.  or water bottle to be placed under table for drainage, and

  • Crushed or cubed ice to place around sculpture  


Discounts re:  Delivery


  • Freezer drops : If you have freezer space and don't mind setting ice sculpture yourself.

  • Customer Pick up : Come and pick up Sculpture and save .  For smaller pieces this can be achieved relatively easy wth a van, SUV or truck  . 


 Other Discounts Are Available - PLEASE CALL TO DISCUSS PRICING OPTIONS DESCRIBED BELOW.  760-347-3529


  • Supply your own Display Pan and lighting

  • Breakdown yourself and return all set up items within 24hrs.  ( pans/lightbox/hoses/ etc.)  N.C.

  • Purchase our re-useable drip trays and lighting  and break yourself

  • Breakdown yourself  and we pick up set up items the next day

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